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The author of the Pulitzer Prize finalist
The Forest Unseen
visits with nature’s most magnificent networkers — trees

“Both a love song to trees, an exploration of their biology, and a wonderfully philosophical analysis of their role they play in human history and in modern culture.”
– Science Friday
WINNER OF THE 2018 JOHN BURROUGHS MEDAL FOR OUTSTANDING NATURAL HISTORY WRITINGDavid Haskell has won acclaim for eloquent writing and deep engagement with the natural world. Now, he brings his powers of observation to the biological networks that surround all species, including humans. Haskell repeatedly visits a dozen trees, exploring
connections with people, microbes, fungi, and other plants and animals. He takes us to
trees in cities (from Manhattan to Jerusalem), forests (Amazonian, North American, and boreal) and areas on the front lines of environmental change (eroding coastlines, burned mountainsides, and war zones.)
In each place he shows how human history, ecology, and well-being are intimately intertwined with the lives of trees.
Scientific, lyrical, and contemplative, Haskell reveals the biological connections that underpin all life.
In a world beset by barriers, he reminds us that life’s substance and beauty emerge from relationship and interdependence.



Michelle Simpson

This is one of the best books that I have read so far in my life. You won't be disappointed.

John Johnson

Good book this is my3 time read it love

Zoey Anderson

Enjoyed the whole book can't wait to read the whole series.

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